Conterra Arena Max

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  • Efficient and effective arena maintenance for use with ATVs, UTVs, Garden and Compact Tractors.
  • The Conterra Arena Rake is designed for all arena conditions, from sand to sandy-loam and hard packed soil.
  • Conterra Arena Rake shanks are designed at an angle to continually pull the groomer into the ground, even in the hardest arena conditions.
  • Conterra's Revolutionary Depth Control System adjusts your Arena Rake, grooming your entire arena at the same pre-set depth every pass.
  • The cutting depth and Arena Comb are both easily adjusted using our heavy duty 500lb top and side-wind jack systems.
  • Depth Control can be adjusted between 0" and 5" and is monitored by an easy-to-read Depth Gauge.
  • The adjustable front hitch is easily changed to meet the hitch height of your pull vehicle.
  • Scarifier shanks are laser cut from 3/4" steel plate and fitted with easy to change bolt-on scarifier teeth made from hardened steel.
  • Engineered wtih a heavy duty tubular frame, constructed out of 1/4" and 3/8" steel for years of dependable service.
  • Fitted with two premium quality wide floatation tires and easy lube hubs.
  • The Conterra Arena Rake is available in three sizes, 52", 64" and 76".
  • Durable paint finish.



Model # Quad CC Req. Comb Width Frame Length Frame Height Scarifier Teeth Approx. Weight
CAR 52 150 to 400cc 52.25” 65” 23.5” 5 280 lbs.
CAR 64 400 to 700cc 64.25 65” 23.5” 7 340 lbs.
CAR 76 550cc an up 76.25" 65" 23.5" 9 400 lbs.