Pro Cutter 1503PL

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The powerful new PRO CUTTER 1503PL includes ALL the features of our standard 1503, PLUS two exciting new upgrades:

Programmable LIMITS:

No more crashes and over-runs! When you’re ready to work, using either the remote control or manual switch, run the Foam Flag, Ball, or Cow to one end of your arena, press “LIMIT” switch on remote control.  Then run the animation to opposite end and press “LIMIT” switch again.   You have now established invisible stop points when using the remote control, manual switch, or playing the Automatic Training Run.  No more fear of crashes or over-runs!

Automatic Training Run:

The Automatic Training Run will operate the system through the most common back and forth pattern without having to teach or record programs.  Once the Limits are set, press PLAY on remote control.  The system will automatically start in Speed 1, shift to Speed 2, then travel across arena to the other LIMIT.  After a brief pause, the system will reverse directions, start in Speed 1, shift to Speed 2, then travel across arena to the starting LIMIT.   This process will repeat until stopped on remote control by pressing PLAY again.  LIMIT’s can be set as wide or narrow in your arena as you like.  Change LIMITS and SPEEDS anytime using the remote control!

Complete Package Includes:

Pro Cutter 1503PL w/ Performance Package

Remote Control with Stepper Technology

Exclusive Foam Flag, Eye-Ball, or Cow

PMB: Professional Mounting Bracket

Cable Tensioner

Kevlar rope

2-year warranty

Other Standard 1503pl features include:

Adjustable Acceleration, Braking and Rate

Soft Shift for Seamless Acceleration / Deceleration

Performance Package with Stepper Technology

Automatic Training program

Limits control: prevents overruns

Flag Package - $2699 USD

Eye Ball Package - $2799 USD

Cow Package - $2899 USD