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Ken and Karen Mix are born and raised Albertans. They have been in business since 1994. Ken was born and raised on a ranch in east central Alberta. He and his family ran a commercial herd and feed lot. With Ken working cattle all his life, he has penned, showed reining and working cow horses and is now cutting. This knowledge has truly helped their business.

Karen was a city gal who worked for the Government for 27 years which she says gave her the patience for doing her passion of dealing and selling saddles, which she started doing in 1980. Ken and Karen bought their place just outside of Calgary in 1993 when Karen stated she needed to be near the Calgary horse action to sell saddles. Over the years she says she has been very blessed to have learned from some of the top saddle makers and to be able to sell the best of the best. Karen is thrilled to carry Vic Bennett Saddles, she has always loved Vic’s saddles and when Vic offered Karen the product line she was thrilled! As everyone knows – they sell themselves. As soon as one comes in they are already gone.

Another great accomplishment has been to carry Roo-Hide saddles from John Burgun out of California. They also have been a great asset to have and Karen says that they are a great hit and everyone loves them.

Thank You All

Again we want to thank all our faithful customers as we have all grown together. As well Karen would like to thank all the trainers, Associations, Clubs and 4-H kids, that keep teaching her and keep her on her toes, and look forward to serving you now and in the future.

We look forward in seeing you at the shows with the mobile store and bringing products to you. If you would like us to come to your show – Let us know.

Be sure and come out and see us. The coffee is always on, there is always something going on at K&K and as the logo says IT IS A GREAT DAY AT K&K.

Where you will be glad tomorrow that you shopped with us today.

Thank you for shopping local and hope to see you soon. 

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Mobile Unit

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Ken, Karen and Bet This Cats Smart with our first Mobile Unit