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Pro Cutter 1804 with MAX COW

Training your performance horse to accurately “read” cattle is key to a successful career.  When using any type of mechanical training system, it is desireable to have the system replicate a live cow so the horse can learn to “read” movements as they occur.

The Pro Cutter 1804 with new MAX COW is the most realistic training system ever offered.  With a proprietary dual-drive design, the Pro Cutter 1804 controller is able to manage the cow’s head and hip independently.  This means the cow can back up, look at the horse, then turn with amazing realism.  For even more “expression”, very slight head movements are induced both during stops and turns to simulate movements of a live cow.

With Speed-Shift Technology, RATE control, and the ability to switch the machine through 3 different modes of operation (ROLL,DRAW,FLAG/BALL) you are able to configure the system to benefit each specific horse through all phases of training.  In “ROLL” mode, the cow automatically draws back during each turn to promote draw in the horse.  In “Draw” mode, the cow continually backs up until the rider “releases” her using the remote control.  In FLAG/BALL mode, a portion of the system is disabled to efficiently operate a flag or ball.

Pro Cutter 1804 with MAX COW: for individuals seeking the most innovative and realistic training system available.

  • MAX cow (maximum animation x-pression)

  • Proprietary Dual-Drive system for ultimate realism

  • Remote Control w/ Speed Shift and Stepper Technology

  • Performance Package

  • Progressive Dynamic Braking

  • Logic and Manual control

  • Extreme Duty electronics package

  • Three modes of operation
    1. DRAW: cow backs across arena until “released” using remote control
    2. ROLL: cow automatically backs during each turn
    3. FLAG/BALL: disable main drive system to operate flag or ball

Each Pro Cutter 1804 package includes:

  • Pro Cutter 1804 controller w/ Performance Package
  • Digital Remote Control w/ Stepper Technology
  • Dual Station Cable Tensioner
  • Kevlar Cable
  • 2-Year Warranty

Complete System

$3,399.00 USD