Classic Equine - Sherry Cervi Bit DIAMOND SHORT SHANK TWISTED WIRE DOGBONE bbit3ssg24ss

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Sherry Cervi's Signature Collection bits have an excellent feel for quick pickup and release. Mouthpieces of stainless steel and available in many option and degrees of control. 

"I see a lot of barrel racers who reach for the most severe bit in the trailer at the slightest resistance rather than following a natural progression. You should always start mild and work your way up only if needed. I recommend starting a colt or charging horse with mild bits to teach them to yield to pressure while building confidence and establishing correct body position. That's why I start with my smooth D-ring snaffle before anything else, and then move up to the Diamond Draw series." 

-Sherry Cervi 

Identical to the original Diamond Short Shank, but with a limited gag for horses that do not need the extra collection.