Conterra Arena Dragster-XR

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  • CONTERRA ARENA DRAGSTER-XR – Engineered for Efficient Performance. Conterra’s Arena Dragster is designed to pull behind ATVs, UTVs, Garden  and Compact Tractors. Featuring our revolutionary Depth Control System the Arena Dragster allows you to easily and consistently control your arena depth over the entire surface. The swept tine design enables the Arena Dragster to be an aggressive groomer for sandy and sandy-loam arena conditions. With the Easy-to-Use Side-Wind Jack, adjust your Arena Dragster-XR grooming depth in one simple movement, in a matter of seconds. Once engaged, a rear Arena Comb and two harrow tine bars, go to work dramatically enhancing the floating and levelling finish on your arena. The Result: A consistent, level arena every time.
  • Model CADSTR-XR-64 - 64" Conterra Arena Dragster-XR for ATV/UTV/Compact or Small Tractor - $2369.00
  • Model CADSTR-XR-76 - 76" Conterra Arena Dragster-XR for ATV/UTV/Compact or Small Tractor - $2639.00