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Pro Cutter 1504PC – Programmable

The Pro Cutter 1504PC is a fully programmable dual-speed training system with automatic computerized runs, automatic LIMIT system, and digital remote control with Speed Shift and Stepper Technology.  Building on the proven Pro Cutter 1503 platform, the Pro Cutter 1504PC Training System gives you complete control to maximize productivity.
When operating the remote control, every move (start, stop, change direction or speed-shift) is recorded.  By simply pressing PLAY on remote control, these moves are then used to automatically create random programs based on your riding style.  This means you don’t have to go through a frustrating record/play process like other systems.  Simply operate the remote control, then press PLAY for a new program each time.  You can stop program playback, operate the remote control, then go back to program playback whenever you like by simply pressing Play on remote control.  You can even record/play specific patterns to help with a problem horse!

NOTE:  This is a DISTANCE measuring system, not time based like other systems.  This provides complete independent control of SPEEDS, RATE, and BRAKING during PLAYBACK of EACH PROGRAM!  No need to record a new program every time you want to work a different speed; or frequently re-record programs because of timing errors found on inferior systems; or worry about running into the fence with your remote control.  Speeds, Rate, and Braking can all be changed without recording a new program.

The Pro Cutter 1504PC uses an automatic LIMIT system to establish imaginary stop points in your arena.  With the system powered up, use remote control to run the Foam Flag, Ball, or Cow to each side of the arena.  Limits are automatically set, which prevents over-runs using the remote control.

Constructed using ultra high performance components, this popular system contains all of the features that make the Pro Cutter 1503 an outstanding value like the Performance Package, Speed-Shift Technology, Stepper Technology, and a revised hardware kit to make installation quick and easy.

Complete Package Includes:

    • Fully Programmable Pro Cutter 1504PC w/ Performance Package
    • Digital Remote Control with Stepper Technology and Program Control
    • Exclusive Foam Flag, Eye-Ball, or Cow
    • PMB: Professional Mounting Bracket
    • Cable Tensioner
    • Kevlar cable
    • 2-year warranty


    • Automatic Programming
    • Limit System: prevents over-runs
    • Adjustable Acceleration, Braking, and RATE
    • Seamless Speed-Shift between Speeds 1 and 2
    • Performance Package w/ Stepper Technology
    • Extremely quiet, smooth, and easy to operate

Flag Package - $2999 USD

Eye Ball Package - $3099 USD

Cow Package - $3199 USD