Pro Cutter 1502

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Pro Cutter 1502

The Pro Cutter 1502™ Training System is a full-sized, multi-speed trainer with a host of impressive features.  Using the remote control, the rider is able to start, stop, change directions, AND shift between Speeds 1 and 2.  This Speed Shift Technology promotes proper turns by providing slower Speed 1 to promote “draw”, then faster Speed 2 to accelerate the horse through the turn.  Dynamic braking brings the system to a firm, controlled stop.  Other features include soft-start, climate control, logic control, and improved Speed Shifting to provide seamless transitions from slow to fast speeds.

Each Pro Cutter 1502 Package Includes:

    • Pro Cutter 1502 control box
    • Remote Control w/ Speed Change
    • Antenna
    • Trainer Flag, Eye-Ball, or Cow
    • Flat braid rope (flag model)
    • Kevlar rope (Eye-Ball, Cow)
    • 5″ return pulley with mount
    • 2-Year Warrant
  • Pictured with optional mounting bracket


- Flag package $1899 USD

- Eye ball package $1999 USD

-Cow package $2099 USD