Reinsman Fly Mask with Ears

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Keep those pesky insects from irritating your horse's eyes with Reinsman’s Premium Fly Mask with Ears. This mask is made for increased durability with strong hook and loop chin straps to keep it secure. The fleece-lined inside areas are soft against your horse’s skin while ultra-plush velvet lines the ear holes. The fine mesh does not compromise your horse's visibility, plus it provides 60% UV protection from the sun’s burning rays. The mesh is structured enough to remain uplifted off your horse’s delicate eye area. The convenient forelock opening prevents hair breakage. Spot your horse from afar with the vibrant teal color. With its durable construction and soft lining, your horse will be comfortable and protected from irritating insects and the unforgiving sun. Wash by hand with gentle soap and water to remove dirt and sweat. Hang to dry.